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Sims Financial Services is a UK based insurance company set up 2016.

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We specialise in personal protection. We are devoted to providing the best advice and knowledge on the latest insurance products available. We receive regular advice, support and training from all insurance providers, guaranteeing that we stay up to date with any changes in insurance policies. Whilst recognising that everyone is inimitable with their own set of unique circumstances, all of our advisors are well trained to make the process from enquiry to application as easy as possible.

We are proud to be a company that is constantly seeking to develop the services we offer, how we offer them, and most importantly, that we give customers a great service without compromising our companies’ core values and standards which are; Delivering a great service to customers that is honest, equitable and provided with integrity.

We are honoured winners of the Sesame New Firm of the year in 2017 and were a finalist for Sesame Protection firm of the year in 2018.

Why Use Us?

  • We are an independent Financial Broker
  • Fee free expert quality advice on a range of insurance products
  • A free review of any existing policies you have, to ensure they are relevant for your needs
  • Access to different insurance products with better benefits not available online
  • Fee free face to face appointment service with flexibility to work around your availability
  • Support with making an insurance claim so you have less stress and worry
  • An annual review of your insurance policies. We take into consideration any changes that have occurred, and whether there are improved policies on the market that better suit your needs
  • Relentless sales calls
  • Hidden added costs
  • An insurance policy you don’t need

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