Thinking about death, dying, injury and illness can seem a little morbid, but the realities for most people is that you will have experienced one of the above and had to manage a combination of the emotional, psychological and financial impact. It would be unthinkable for most people not to insure their homes, cars and pets, so why wouldn’t you take steps to safeguard your family financially. Our advisors will guide you through an assessment questionnaire, which guarantees we have all the information we need to conduct a thorough evaluation of your insurance needs. If you already have insurance in place, we can use it to assess your current policies ensuring they remain valid. Every client will automatically receive a free annual review, or wherever there’s been a change in personal circumstances. The added value of working with us is that we remain updated of any policy changes that might affect you.

Life Insurance

Life insurance provides financial care to the people who rely on you. It’s a tax-free lump sum of money paid out in the event of death, that is designed to replace your income, supporting your loved ones to, pay off mortgages, debts, or to leave them financially protected for their future.

Our advisors will help you make sure that you have the right amount of cover, for your personal circumstances.

Critical Illness Insurance

A tax-free lump sum paid upon diagnosis of a critical illness. Some older critical illness policies generally have fewer conditions listed and will only pay out on the diagnosis of a full critical illness, so if this is something you already have it’s worth getting a free review as new policies cover all of those conditions and additional conditions such as less advanced case of cancer amongst many others.

Some providers offer extra benefits such as 24 hours nurse helplines, a second opinion by best doctors, free counselling and much more.

Income Protection Insurance

Works essentially on the same principles as having sick pay. It pays up to 65% of your taxable income and in the event of a claim can be paid weekly or monthly.

We often meet people who have pastimes and occupations that are considered higher risk, most assume they will not be able to get any kind of cover. However, we have access to many different providers and products, which means we can find a policy that suits your needs and budget, whether you are employed, self-employed, or partake in higher risk pastimes.

Private Medical Insurance

Private Medical Insurance enables you to receive a more rapid response should you become ill or injured. The NHS waiting times in England for a non-urgent referral is 18 weeks, and 2 weeks for an urgent referral. Having PMI ensures that you bypass NHS waiting times, allowing you access to treatment promptly should you become ill or injured.

Our providers offer several different options with a range of hospitals available for treatment, and additional benefits depending on your budget.

Accident Cover

Dedicated accident policies that pay out lump sums if you have an accident such as, but not exclusive to fractures, tendon ruptures, dislocations or torn ligaments, whether incurred at work or playing a sport.

We also have insurers offering cover to professional sports people.

Equine Insurance

Sims financial services are proud to work extensively with those involved in the equine industry. Our specialist advisors have widespread experience in Hunting, National Hunt Racing, Point to Pointing, Eventing, and Farriery. It is this specialist knowledge and experience that allow SIMS financial to stand out from the crowd.

We work with a comprehensive range of providers and are constantly reviewing our services in search of working with different providers who offer the best policies for our clients.

So whether you ride for pleasure, are a professional sportsperson, or work within the equine community, we are confident that we can find a policy to suit your needs.